Bose Car Stereo System


The Bose Corporation is a private American company located in Massachusetts which deals with audio equipment. The company has supported its development in technology based on extensive research made by its Chairman and founder Mr Amar Bose. The company has put back 100% of the profits that it made into the business. The reliability of its brand makes the product available in Broadway theatres, Olympic stadiums and the Space Shuttle. The company deals with the production and manufacturing of all kinds of audio equipment including headphones, amplifiers, automotive sound systems and speakers.


The founder Amar Bose a graduate of MIT began extensive research on finding a high quality audio system when he was once disappointed with a car stereo system that he had purchased for his car. Bose was of the view that on the whole the general design of the electronics and speakers needed to match with those of the listeners as the listener is also a part of the audio system. He used an electronic equalizer to adjust the acoustical output. Even though the speakers were ideal from the point of technology the results were disappointing from the point of view of the listeners.

He further researched into psychoacoustics to get high quality of sound to arrive at the listeners ears similar to that of a live performance. This required a further revision in the speaker design to aim at electronic equalization thus confirming the superiority of reflected sound over what could be heard directly. This new design proved to be a large audible improvement over the design manufactured earlier and became a huge commercial success in the 1970?s. Bose gives preference to the listener?s perception of audible quality rather than the set standards and therefore does not publish those specifications for his products.

2 comments on “Bose Car Stereo System

  1. James Ellington on said:

    I Live in Lake Elsinore Ca. Where can I purchase a Bose sub woofer

  2. Alex cartwright on said:

    Does Bose offer car stereo for the dodge challenger?

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